I am an attorney with 16 years experience in the State of Georgia.  For more than 12 years, I prosecuted offenses on behalf of the State. I now represent individuals charged with criminal offenses and related civil actions.  I currently practice in the areas of Criminal Law, DUI, Family Law, Juvenile Law and Traffic Law.


About Me:

I am a native of Atlanta, Georgia and graduated from law school at Emory University in 1996.  After graduating, I practiced civil law until 1999, when I decided to serve my community as a prosecutor.  For 12+ years I prosecuted crimes in various circuits around the State of Georgia.  I have general prosecution experience, drug prosecution experience, child crimes experience, sex crimes experience and major crimes  experience.  I have tried everything from traffic cases to murder during my career as a prosecutor.  A list of some of the persons I have successfully prosecuted is included in the "Case Studies" page herein. 



It is my goal to provide you with competent, effective and affordable representation in your case.  I hope to use my years of experience to get you the best result possible in your case.